KUBE Architecture

KUBE Architecture

Washington, DC



This new house is located in NW Washington DC on a steeply-sloped and forested site.  The project is a speculative house for a local developer, so it was designed to be constructed efficiently.  The composition is organized as a series of vertical volumes situated within the trees, and stepping down the sloped site.
The first floor is tall, so the volumes seem to “float” above the ground.  A glassed-in corner dining room is featured from the street, while the living room and kitchen are situated toward the rear of the house, facing the overlook of pool and rear yard.  The garage is 2 levels below the house, burrowed into the rear of the site, with its roof serving as a deck for the pool.  The rear wall of the house is almost entirely glass, with decks extending out from bedrooms to create “outdoor rooms” with views of the wooded site beyond

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Status: Built
Location: Washington, DC, US
Firm Role: Architect