Jennifer Neal

Jennifer Neal

Manchester, GB


Sustainable Development

I worked in a multidisciplinary team alongside five other students from the departments of Architecture, Mechanical Engineering and Landscape Architecture. We entered a competition for the sustainable development of Parkwood Springs and Neepsend, a 200ha site located in North Sheffield. Site challenges included: contaminated land, flood risk & social Issues.

Our master plan revolved around a network of green infrastructure and community programs with enterprising features. The proposed development was phased across 3 stages with an overall vision to be achieved by 2050.

Our Vision was for Parkwood Springs and Neepsend to become:

  •  A key destination in Sheffield for outdoor pursuits and for sight-seeing
  • A desirable development for investment
  • An inviting place to live, to work and to play
  • A local resource for education based on green infrastructure

We did not win this competition however our proposals were praised for the equal importance we placed on social, economic and environmental regeneration. I enjoyed the collaborative process.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Sheffield, GB
My Role: Landscape Architect
Additional Credits: Group work with: Sam Watts, J Seok Kim, Zhihao Wang, Meng Hao & Rory Buckley.