Jennifer Neal

Jennifer Neal

Manchester, GB


Art in Practice- 2000yr Old Lime Tree Sculpture

Brief: To design a semi permanent, high impact sculpture which communicates the presence and significance of a 2000yr old lime tree after it's been coppiced.

A Circular Arrangement

The sculpture will have a circular plan form comprised of 17 parts placed near the ancient lime tree. The circular arrangement will enclose a space that people can enter and be used to create a feeling, when inside the sculpture, of being within something made of many parts which is similar to the feeling of entering the fully grown tree. This form also responds to the cyclic nature of the site, of growth and decay.

Circle of Life

The decay of the deadwood that forms the sculpture, will be in reverse to that of the regrowth from the tree. The relationship from one bundle to the next corresponds to the relationship of one stool to the next throughout the cycle of the coppice.

As the coppice multiplies at first, the sculpture will begin to shed it's thinner bundles.

As the closest stools in the group begin to touch, the sculpture will loose its connecting arms.

As the tree grows in height and stature the sculpture will slump and be enveloped in the life cycle.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Westonbirt Arbouretum
My Role: Conceptual Artist
Additional Credits: In Association with Colvin and Moggridge Landscape Architects