Jennifer Neal

Jennifer Neal

Manchester, GB


Sound Trail -Visitor Engagement

The Sound Track to Watergrove Reservoir is my final major project for the MLA at Sheffield University. I specialized in Design and selected a rural site which interested me in terms of landscape management for function, recreation and conservation.

My work explores in detail the audio qualities of my chosen site. It looks into the effect sounds have on our perception of the landscape as a whole.  My proposals for a series of audio interventions aim to increase the appeal of the landscape for recreational purposes with absolute sensitivity to its other demands. The audio interventions provide visitors with stimulating means to engage more fully with the evolving landscape.

You can explore Watergrove Reservoir and its catchment area through a tool I have developed online @

This Google map is embedded with sensory analysis, video and audio links are coupled with factual information to describe existing landscape features. Interventions along my proposed sound trail are also pin pointed and explained.

This map is an interactive means of knowledge transfer which can be edited with the continuum of evolving landscape features. My vision for the future of this trail is for it to be developed through community art based projects. The map could be a starting point for a discussion about the functional landscape as well as an expanding collection of sensory site analysis.

The below pages describe the context for this project, they then describe seven of the ten sound interventions along my proposed sound trail, the latter three of which go into detailed design. I propose a mixture of permanent and temporary audio interventions.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rochdale, GB
My Role: Landscape Architect - Conceptual Artist
Additional Credits: (Sheffield University Tutors) Cathy Dee, Andy Clayden & Thom White
(United Utilities) Ranger - Tia Dawson & Wildlife Officer - Ed Lawrence