Jennifer Neal

Jennifer Neal

Manchester, GB


Environmental Art - 'To Laugh Like Mad Children'

Inspired by a sense of 'ecstasy of play' I felt whilst exploring Rialto Beach, USA. This project aims to recreate this feeling for people in urban Sheffield. This involved filling available space with landscape objects reminiscent to Rialto Beach. A disused car park and derelict building became a wild exhibition space, crammed full of locally sourced Castanea Sativa trunks. The trunks were to be selected, arranged and secured in place to dwarf visitors as they climb and scramble amongst them. In time the playground would develop into its own unique ecosystem.

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Status: School Project
Location: Boston Street Carpark, Sheffield
My Role: Conceptual Artist
Additional Credits: Artists Influences include:
- Richard Serra’s verb list (1967-68) which focused on the process of making
- Gordon Mata Clark
de- construction approach (1974).