Franklin Garcia

Franklin Garcia

New Orleans, LA, US


Live/Work Communities

This forward-thinking approach allows our clients to see beyond today and visualize tomorrow. Asking the difficult questions to these impending challenges also expands our capabilities. Our ultimate goal is to boldly go outside of the expected to unlock ideas that generate long-lasting solutions.

With that in mind, we are pleased to announce that feeding our curiosity and fostering our passion for innovation has paid off in a monumental way.

Taking inspiration from our experience in multifamily design, Our Chief Technical Officer Franklin Enrique Garcia has successfully pioneered new proprietary concepts that will revolutionize the multifamily industry and emphasize three core values: increased density, ultra-efficiency, and ease of construction. 

As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, design professionals have begun to research the affects on the built environment looking for solutions to adapt.  We've noticed the personal and external behaviors of companies like Facebook, Google, and other businesses are adapting to a "New Normal" which allows their staff to work from home. As a result of telecommuting, travel to main offices have substantially subsided to avoid spreading the virus to others.

After months of working at home without notice, the reality is that typical homes are not adequately capable to provide a productive work space. At Acadia, we foresee that the new market will shift to Live/Work™ communities located no more than 1.5 hours away from dense city cores like New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco. This re-envisioned housing typology will include what we call the "New Office" and the "New Gym." With the introduction of Peloton and other virtual services, the physical gym is perhaps a thing of the past and there is more 

hygiene control in our homes. By utilizing open air vestibules, and eliminating corridors, minimal interaction with the public upon entering individual units is made possible. Taking notes 

from our experience in healthcare, antiviral materials and heat exchange units are utilized to minimize the spread of bacteria and viruses among these developments.

Live/Work™  Communities are approximately 90-93 percent efficient and allow for completely customizable architectural styles, building layouts and floor plates. This dynamic multifamily housing solution is nimble and efficient with the ability to achieve higher densities than typical stacked flat apartments. The façade, building layout and floor plates are completely customizable with one central corridor serving up to three floors.

This design delivers higher densities per acre for both urban and suburban locations with the option to add retail components at ground level. All units are the same depth and width and therefore interchangeable with a variety of building shapes and lengths such as linear or L-shaped. Efficiencies can soar at up to 40 units per acre with 3 stories and 50 units per acre at 4 stories. Unlike typical multifamily products where each level has its own corridors, Live/Work eliminates corridors yielding additional space for renters/owners and additional profit for developers. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: United States of America
My Role: Architect