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CB Two Architects, LLC

Salem, OR




WaterPlace is a six-story office building with an attached single story space with a roof terrace; prominently located adjacent to Salem’s historic downtown.  Perched on a 45 degree slope down to Pringle Creek, Waterplace is an ecologically sensitive project that greatly improves the natural habitat that surrounds it. Replacing abandoned buildings, the new footprint steps back from the creek and restores the riparian corridor. The project is seeking LEED Platinum certification through these and many other environmentally sensitive steps.

The 41,000 SF office and retail building is located adjacent to Salem’s historic downtown. It will feature dynamic views of the Cascade Mountains, the Willamette River, and Oregon’s State Capitol. 90 percent of the buildings occupied spaces will have views and/or natural daylight. The second floor is connected to a south-facing roof terrace.

The building’s form is a direct response to its site. It seeks to establish a pedestrian scale with the retail “arm” along the street while the tower portion rises between large existing trees to face downtown. The “shadow box” forms delineate different program elements within the building while directing movement. They also provide protection from afternoon sun and accentuate the interlocking curtain wall and precast pieces. Horizontal lines are exaggerated within the curtain wall system to punctuate movement. This is reinforced by integrated sun-shade devices as well as the generous overhangs at the various roof elements.

These lines are softened by the patterns recessed into the precast concrete. “Wave” patterns flow around the building and parking structure. The vertical portion of precast concrete which clads the stair tower is embossed with a series of symbols which mark the different floor levels.

Waterplace seeks to achieve a high level of design inspiration while respecting its natural surroundings.

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Status: Built
Location: Salem, OR, US