CBTWO Architects

CBTWO Architects

Salem, OR


Gerry Frank Rotary Amphitheater

The design of the new cover for the amphitheater in this park is a great opportunity to recognize the significance of our past while propelling us forward into a bright future together.

The Basket-Weave design of the pavilion is inspired by the woven wood baskets that the Kalapuya were famous for creating. The structure is comprised of a woven wood system using compression to span great lengths. The system uses state-of-the-art engineering technology. This wood system is covered with a scattered pattern of metal and glass creating a series of dancing shadows beneath it.

The Basket-Weave is comprised of smaller wood members which individually would not span a significant distance, however much like our own community, the combined strength of the lattice provides the capacity to cover the entire stage area.

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Status: Built
Location: Salem, OR, US
Firm Role: Architect