Ben Schwarz

Ben Schwarz

Minneapolis, MN, US


Water Resource Experiment Station

A conceptual project consisting of the development of a water resource experiment station for the harvesting and reuse of rainwater along the Missouri River basin in Linton, North Dakota. The resource experiment station will house laboratories, office accommodations, as well as meeting rooms for the scientists and additional employees of the facility. Additionally the facility's features will be designed in a manner such that public visitation and tours may be made available. In addition to the facility itself, a series of water purification retention ponds will be constructed onsite, leading into the Missouri River basin.


**If interested please feel free to contact me for a wide variety of additional renderings (interior and exterior) and hand drawn images associated with this project, as the image quality will be far superior through email or other digital means.

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Status: School Project
Location: Linton, North Dakota