Ben Schwarz

Ben Schwarz

Minneapolis, MN, US


Army Reserve Center - Orangeburg, SC

Design and construction of three buildings in accordance with provided government RFP, a new Army Reserve Center (ARC)/ Training Center, an Organizational Maintenance Shop (OMS), and an Unheated Storage Building (UHS) in Orangeburg, South Carolina. The ARC will house 300 members. The ARC will be constructed with reinforced concrete foundations, concrete floor slabs, and a structural steel framing system. The design will include complete HVAC, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and security systems. The proposal shall also include all necessary site work as well as paving and parking per RFP requirements. Additional design options included the implementation of a photovoltaic tracking system, inclusion of operable partitions, and wash bays. The set cost limit for this project was roughly $9,933,000. Additional information regarding the OMS and UHS will follow shortly.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Orangeburg, SC, US
My Role: Design Development, Copnceptual Rendering
Additional Credits: TCI - Architects/Engineers/Contractor
US Army Corps. of Engineers
Dakota Intertek Corp.
Kepa Services Inc.