Amarda Velcani

Amarda Velcani

New York, NY, US


Student summer housing design

The project is assumed to incorporate in the project design of the whole house- project study of gandolfi, box wood that stands on piloties. In addition to the Gandolfi’s project there is to be found a relationship with the hill and the lake, the expansion, in reinforced concrete, has a strong relationship with these three elements.
The student dormitory is situated in the expansion project, which extends over two floors and on the basement there is a common room with a view front the lake and an external platform  device connected with a quay for mooring boats. Gandolfi space will be in this project a common place to
study, eat and stay. Two different designs materially but project to be conceptually harmonic; the weight of the cement weighs in the heaviness of the hill while the wood of the construction of the Gandolfi hovers above the lake.  From the outside the expansion is essentially a box, but also formed by an irregular volume stucked at the first floor, recessed totally into the mountain.
The access road introduced you directly to the expansion. This was identified as the site of the night and the study. The same outer walkway serves as a physical link to the two blocks, an element of Linkage and necessary step for the connection.
The two volumes are also opposed because one refers to the lightness with its beams and wooden structure while the other feels the heaviness of the concrete. The extension runs perpendicular to the lake and overlooking it, invading the catwalk with its perimeter, keeping however in a plane just above. The Gandolfi follows the slope of the mountain and its rotation is the consequence.  

Gandolfi is read seems to hover above the lake and through the slender pillars are incurred, while the lock is violently content in the mountain; It is tried to work on different height levels for the provision of beds and related platforms also playing on a slight overlap between them.

To gain access to the horizontal planes it was thought to use of the balconies that run through the various levels and were maintained exclusively as passageways.

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Status: School Project
Location: Genova, IT
My Role: project
Additional Credits: Chiara Achilli