Amarda Velcani

Amarda Velcani

New York, NY, US


Medicine center

With the architects support of the ghigos ideas studio we worked on the interior design ideas of the new CAM center clinic, private hospital located in Monza.
Initially we made a book (COLOR OF HEALTH) containing guidelines for different types of environments, asking the client to choose the desired type. The next step was to reconstruct a model of the new building, designed in an earlier stage. During my presence in the studio I could see how the plastic model and the numerous tests carried out in the study of internal division representing a real soil creation, experimentation and design support. Space and the various tests assume a concrete form, the distributions of the spaces become real. The plastic model has helped us significantly in the first phase of the design, especially to understand the relationship between the parties, extremely useful also to better evaluate the successive advancements of the project. There have been numerous tests of arrangement of spaces, colors and materials, and different graphics options were evaluated for signs and signage, focusing on the smallest details.
The project was developed according to different concept. Among the various hypotheses presented first, customer preference was directed towards the space warm, this significantly affected the choice of materials. For this reason, and it was a very delicate and important step that has led us to examine, in different tabs and cataloging materials suitable for any environment, on time calculating the quantities required (m2 of area for the environment). This research materials that would allow for each environment to meet the requirements of the customer was especially exciting because it allowed me to get to know in depth the distinctive characteristics of each material that make it suitable for an environment rather than to another and adapted to respond to a specific need rather than to another.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Milan, IT
My Role: interior project, concept design and graphic design.
Additional Credits: Ghigos Ideas firm