Amarda Velcani

Amarda Velcani

New York, NY, US



A utopian project, which does not take into account the cicostante context. We wanted to gamble, and realizare
a contemporary design with a certain weight, the professor wanted us to go along with that.
She wants To be an an experimentation. we took inspired by two projects.
One is the gurin Gurin Island City Park (Fukuoka), of Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects, progetatto for concorso carried out in 2005. And the other is steven holl with hybrid building. The Islnd Park was taken as
Template to the commercial and the enlargement of the exhibition part of the fabric
Borroni. We wanted to create an organic form, which  you modellasse with the ground, which is part of the
ground, as a natural mound.
The second project, that of building hybrid, the abiamo as an example for reasoning on the part
residential project. It 'nice as the houses have a relationship based direct with the soil. And those
high allow you to organizing spaces for socializing, meeting places and recreation for the inhabitants.

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Status: School Project
Location: Milan, IT