Amarda Velcani

Amarda Velcani

New York, NY, US


Municipal council hall

We found ourselves in the presence of a focal point,a place that served as a
potential entry to the garden.
Two could be the design assumptions: building acentral-plan building set
back from the course, which completion of the fourth side of the cloister, or
reconstruct the continuity of the track taking advantage ofspatial typologies
related to the courts or of the ffacciandosi on the course with a large balcony.
We started taking a cue from other churches in Milan important as San Satyr,
San Sebastian,
Al Palazzo San Giorgio, San Lorenzo, these are monuments that emerge on
the path but slightly arrears, so as to create a staging area.

From the plant you can 'see how we followed two trends, one follows the
straight course for the Ticinum,the other the angle of the cloisters.
The latter has Perme xed to include a wide gap of access to the Park and
Any entrance to the Diocesan Museum. from profilo_sezi
A_A one you can see the proportions that we have chosen eg r the heights
of the three covers. We wanted mantene
King as much as possible the size of the cloister to create una relationship
between two buildings. We did the same for the north elevation, the distance
of the openings are equal to ca
Mpata the arches of the cloister. Finally we have set rtanza coverage: we
have designed three, three different levels to highlight the open corridor, the
chIuso, and the space for the sale.

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Status: School Project
Location: Milan, IT
My Role: project