Jake J. Brotter

Jake J. Brotter

New York, NY, US

Exterior Canopy View
Exterior Canopy View

Maritime Cartography Center

The intent of this six-week summer studio in Barcelona, Spain was to design a digital cartography center on a site adjacent to the historic Maritime Museum near the old port. This was an opportunity for a highly contextual project that would be sensitive to the historic surroundings while maintaining its own identity. The Digital Cartography Center follows the folds of the existing pitched roof and converges them on the northwestern edge of the site. The folds are supported by a series of massive walls, or “giants marching towards the sea,” and extend upwards to open up views of the ocean. The spaces created by the varying heights of the canopy and the use of reflective materials foster unique perceptual effects that evoke elements of the Mediterranean environment.

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Status: School Project
Location: Barcelona, Spain

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