Jake J. Brotter

Jake J. Brotter

New York, NY, US

View from WTC Corner
View from WTC Corner

Harlequin Tower

Harlequin Tower is sited at the Southwest corner of the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan and houses both an art gallery and over 200,000 square feet office space for the New York Arts Council. The
spiraling interior form is derived from the concept of circulation as public performance. The gallery sits atop an entry plaza in which there are two spaces carved out for outdoor public street performance. Each performance spot becomes a void that stretches through the entire height of the building, starting with the gallery which occupies the first six floors. The result is a highly transparent performance piece that questions issues of surveillance and voyeurism with vertically expansive spaces that set the stage for a public live action show.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US

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