Jake J. Brotter

Jake J. Brotter

New York, NY, US

Interior View towards Delmar Boulevard
Interior View towards Delmar Boulevard

Living Ascent

The challenge set forth by this core studio was to re-incorporate dense housing to a neighborhood in which the urban fabric had deteriorated. The building integrates 38 units and three retail spaces along the commercial boulevard. Unit types range from garden apartments to three-story townhouses. The project aims towards energy efficiency, natural illumination, and blurring the distinction between indoors and outdoors. The townhouse is organized around a stairwell that draws light from the top clerestory all the way through to the bottom of the unit. The clerestory windows are all operable for natural ventilation. Each individual townhouse holds a total of three outdoor terraces that overlook the street and the central courtyard

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Status: School Project
Location: Saint Louis, MO, US

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