Donna Marion

Donna Marion

Vancouver, BC, CA

Delray, Sandwich Master Plan overview
Delray, Sandwich Master Plan overview
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Delray Master Plan

This studio partnership developed master plan for Delray (US) and Sandwich (Canada), utilizing the logic of vegetation.  Four types of vegetation were implemented, based on their spatial qualities: gardens, ponds, arboretums, and orchards.

Logics drawn from from these plant arrangements, such as spacing between trees in an apple orchard, then translate into spatial patterns for built space, such as the dimensions of a parcel of land.

This operates on a smaller scale level, allowing the overall form of the master plan to shift and transform over time in a positive way without being dependent on typical notions of positive change such as residential and commercial growth.

It also places more control in the hands of Delray’s citizens, allowing them to transform the quality of the region through a compilation of smaller efforts.  Rather than a top-down master plan, this concept works from the individual upward.

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Status: School Project
Location: Detroit, MI

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Master Plan - legend

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