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Donna Marion

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Successional Landscaping - plans and diagrams
Successional Landscaping - plans and diagrams
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Delray - Successional Landscaping

Designing with a sensitivity to the context of Delray, we’ve overlaid three particular descriptors of the site in order to determine their relationships.  Topmost are the vectors which map the growth and transformation of vegetation over time.  In the middle is a trace detailing the currently existing vegetation on the site.  The lowest diagram indicates the location of the active and inactive brownfields.

Active industrial sites continue to release toxins into their surroundings.  They are, however, crucial to the identity and stability of Delray, so we’re preserving them within our design with the caveat that their contaminants are mitigated by the continued use of phytoremediation within their areas of direct influence.

By allowing the processes of phytoremediation and landscape succession to coexist within the same areas, not only does this boundary become blurred, but the presence of each type of vegetation is an indicator of the success of the remediation.  A lack of non-remediating flora indicates the site is need of major remediation; an abundance of non-remediating flora indicates the remediation is successful, and the new ecosystem can thrive.

Ecosystems will distribute themselves naturally as a gradient from the riverfront up towards the Fisher Freeway, based on the changes in soil conditions and other environmental impacts.  While not forming distinct boundaries, the general  organization of systems is marshlands along the river, followed by a pine barren, then followed by a deciduous forest.

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Status: School Project
Location: Detroit, MI

Successional Landscaping - plan and section diagrams
Successional Landscaping - plan and section diagrams

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