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    ARE Day 005: What to Take First?

    Joann Lui, LEED Green Assoc.
    Mar 5, '14 9:52 PM EST

    Hi Archinect,

    I spent most of first two days researching and grabbing every single study material I could find. There are so many resources between flashcards, books, notes from forums and lectures…I have soon become very overwhelmed. Wouldn't it be great if they can just give us one big book to cram everything in for the tests? But I guess you can’t just cram for architecture. It’s really about understanding the different concepts. That’s what I love about architecture though - you have to know a little bit about everything. I am actually excited to study and learn about new things in this profession. I do hope the ARE can help me reinforce these vague ideas I have in my head about contracts, technical details, project management etc.

    Check out my exam order after the break.

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