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Feb 18, 14 4:54 pm

Dear Archinect Community,

I'm putting together my work samples/portfolio to embark on a new job search.  The last time I put together this material, I was a recent M.Arch. graduate with little/no professional work.  I have been working at a small office (<20 people) and have no contract/HR guidelines.

What is the correct way to include office work in your portfolio?  Some project I have worked with a team, other I have been the sole designer/drafter.  Some drawings I have been the only person to touch, others have been a group effort.  Do I need to list everyone by name?  What about private clients vs. developers vs. commercial clients?

Thanks for all your advice and assistance!


Feb 19, 14 2:12 pm

IMO, only include projects where you were a major part of (i.e. job captain, PM, PA, etc.) and only your "best" ones (quality over quantity). Give a brief description of the project and your involvement. Give credit to your employer as it is their IP, not necessiraly every person by name.

When I created mine a few months ago, I split it up by project type (commercial, industrial, municipal, educational, etc) and included 2 to 3 examples of each. I used 2 pages for each project (facing) with a combination of plans, details (non-typical), pictures, and narrative. Whatever helps you tell the story of your involvement.

Search for examples, it helped me a lot. You can find some examples on here as well.

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