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wurdan freo
Dec 13, 13 12:06 am

Tired of skiing on garbage hills in the midwest. Considering relocating to Denver. Anyone have any insight to the local market for architecture/construction? State of economy there? I'd most likely look for a position in construction management. 


Dec 13, 13 8:18 am

I'm not involved in arch/construction much so I'm not in the loop, but am in Denver. The economy is pretty strong, perhaps the best in the US. Going to be an epic ski season too. Sorry I don't have more to offer. What type of projects are you looking to work on? 

Dec 13, 13 1:24 pm

I just left a job in Denver, it paid $17 an hour. Once you factored in living expenses(high), and most of the necessities to live, it doesn't pan out to much. This was an architecture job, so I don't know if construction management would look any better. I was looking for 6 months long and hard for another position, and never found one b/c I am not 'highly' versed in Revit.

If you want a job in Denver it is either take peanut shells and work at a small firm on AutoCAD, or work for the peanut at a large firm, but you better know Revit like the back of your hand.

Dec 13, 13 1:38 pm

Yeah but detwan has such a bad attitude. Just be a normal person and you'll be fine.

Dec 13, 13 4:14 pm

yeap, you'll end up just like every other normal person in architecture... fat, disgruntle, and a pitty of what could have been... nah, I'll take the bad attitude.

wurdan freo
Dec 15, 13 12:41 am

I actually got a pretty decent offer and partial relocation costs. I'm moving to colorado because I love being outdoors. Which should keep me happy and in shape. 

My concern is relocating the family and then the local economy going to shit. Seems to me oil n gas is fairly strong in CO, which has been one of the major factors for areas of growth during these past 5 years. Hoping that it's not a construction boom that will implode on itself.

Dec 15, 13 5:51 am

Congrats on the offer. I heard recently there is a serious shortage of high end commercial real estate here because of the oil and gas boom as they demand sweet office spaces. Energy is definitely the fuel for the current rush and I think you are right to suspect there is a limit to that. Denver is a boom and bust kind of place and it has happened before. However, healthcare, education, tourism, tech, data, financial and government services are all strong here too as well as being a transportation hub. I live downtown and the value of my house has flown upward. My neighbors houses are all being flipped or scraped. Cost of living is high, the average house price in Denver is $311,000 and healthcare and dental costs higher than the national average especially more than the midwest, but utilities and gas are less and property taxes are low. Traffic is a serious problem and is getting worse, add snow or rain and it can turn a 30 minute drive into 2 hours. But lately it seems every time I go out I see a new microbrewery, there are literally hundreds of them and in general there is an endless supply of things to do. 

Dec 15, 13 12:53 pm

You also should look at Salt Lake City, Utah / Park City area too. Good economy and and even closers to the mountains and not as much traffic. Denver is like 1.5-2 hours from skiing and the traffic on 70 gets crazy.

wurdan freo
Dec 16, 13 1:39 am

I actually had an opportunity in SLC and was totally excited about it for all the reasons you mention. After more research, onerous contracting license requirements and  the mormons scared me away  :(

wurdan freo
Dec 16, 13 1:41 am

Thanks TINT for your input. That's kinda what I've gathered.

Nam HendersonNam Henderson
Dec 16, 13 10:39 pm

just to add to TINT when i was in Denver over summer one of first things i noted was number od construction cranes on skyline. also i think the economy is fairly diverse (at least in larger metro area) for instance see recent by INC. How Boulder Became America's Startup Capital and i know that healthcare is a big part of market - especially UC Denver hospital system. For instance Anschutz Medical Campus is
 pumping billions into the
state economy...

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