intentionally misleading presentations

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Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Oct 4, 13 7:00 pm

The top image, published in a local paper, was presented by a developer with their application for a condo project.

The middle image was created by a friend as a more accurate depiction of the scale of the project. The bottom image was created to exaggerate the scale as a further example of how renderings can be used to manipulate.


Oct 4, 13 7:33 pm

photo shop at is the devil in the mix..

chatter of clouds
Oct 4, 13 7:35 pm

Funnily, I'd go with the third. If you must, well must. 

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Oct 4, 13 9:16 pm

For those unable to grasp the unspoken subtelty, the developers presented a rendering that shows the proposed building at reduced scale in an attempt to mitigate opposition to the project. Meanwhile the only people who would ever see the project from this point of view is an occasional boater, the important view is from the landward side, where the development will have the mostbvisual impact.

So the developers have used multiple misdirections: reduction in scale and a view nobody will see. 

Oct 4, 13 9:44 pm

Miss Marple and The Case of No One Grasping the Developer's Behind

"You see, Inspector, what you failed to realize this entire time is that our backs were to the front."

"Yes, and all I could think to ask was, "What Sphinx in here?""


boy in a well
Oct 4, 13 10:31 pm

and thus my faith was redeemed in archinect.

thanks, Q.

chatter of clouds
Oct 4, 13 11:32 pm

Miles, i don't think your point was subtle. i do think that you yourself are beyond -or rather fall short of - appreciating an ironic subtlety, however. i still vote for pic 3. 

Oct 4, 13 11:54 pm

Pretty much all renderings are dishonest by nature... watercolor more than most.

boy in a well
Oct 5, 13 12:26 am

new urbanism more than most.

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Oct 5, 13 10:30 am

An architect has an ethical responsibility to accurately represent his work. A developer does not, as most are utterly devoid of either ethical considerations or responsibility.

Oct 5, 13 10:21 pm

When's the last time you had a sandwich look like the image.

Oct 5, 13 10:23 pm

Or I should say, that l

Oct 5, 13 10:23 pm

...nvm. Bumpy megabus.

Oct 6, 13 1:19 am

i'm guessing you never had to create renderings and vignettes in your studio class xD


tip: halos, starbursts and multi gradient skies are hot these days

Oct 6, 13 4:06 am

it's great! i like all of them!

Paul van den BerghPaul van den Bergh
Oct 6, 13 7:53 am


Nam HendersonNam Henderson
Oct 7, 13 8:00 pm

@miles, you have a working link/image for this?

that being said this "An architect has an ethical responsibility to accurately represent his work" seem like a larger more interesting statement...

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Oct 7, 13 8:47 pm

It's back up. Image hosting site problem, methinks. 

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