Best way to create Snag lists

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Sep 13, 13 11:06 am

Hello all,

This is my first post to Archinect.

I just wanted to find out how do people make snag lists? 

I looked into couple of iphone applications, but none of them stood out.I know microsoft word, and excel get used for the purpose, but are there any niche tools out there for it.


Kind regards,



Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Sep 15, 13 1:04 am

In English it's called a punch list.

Probably because the person who is responsible for the things on it feels like punching the person who made it.

Sep 15, 13 1:38 am

Before I-phones, we used post-its, cameras, voice recorderers, and bull whips.

Sep 15, 13 9:14 am

Miles, I think that's "in American" it's called a punch list.

I keep me shag list in my little black book, just stars next to the ladies names...

Sep 16, 13 6:31 pm

Any iPhone app in particular?


Sep 16, 13 6:32 pm

Some names will be helpful.

Sep 19, 13 4:51 pm

This one called IssMan (Issue Management) looks really nice:

You get the first 100 MB of pictures for free and can create as many projects and reports as you like.

It was really easy to get started.


Sep 21, 13 2:29 pm

Hey birch89,

Thanks for your comment.

In last couple of days, I have found out about quite a few of these apps. My architect friends have given me mixed reviews of the apps out there, and I'm just trying to gather what others think of these apps.

Any others?



will gallowaywill galloway
Sep 22, 13 11:14 pm

we use excel with a plugin for photos management. lists can end up as books for big projects.

that app looks interesting. would like to know if any one else has used it?

Sep 28, 13 7:13 pm

I'd be interested to know if the app is good enough to solve the issues in making snag sheets or not. Has anyone got any feedback on it?



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