anchor i hear 2500, 2500, 2500, 3000, 3000...

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Gregory WalkerGregory Walker
Apr 4, 13 6:03 pm

oh my. my birthday present has come early...

everyone, grab 10 each, you'll be able to fund your child's college education in a few years (once he reaches sainthood).

5 volumes, 600 pages... yeah, it's bought. (sorry about the image size - anyone can correct it if they like...)


Apr 4, 13 7:08 pm


Apr 4, 13 10:28 pm

I also pre-ordered one of these.  My search for a reasonably-priced copy of the Works book is over.  I wonder how this will impact the value of that book.

Apr 5, 13 1:19 pm

ERMAHGERD!  Oh lawdy I just broke myself for dat Book.

Now the loooooong wait.

Apr 5, 13 1:35 pm

'mazon dudn't charge 'til it ships so you be broke n septiembre


(and thanks for the heads up, Mr. Walker!!!)

won and done williams
Apr 5, 13 9:30 pm

Has anyone actually sold their Works for its purported price? All I know is that every architecture student from the late '90s has a copy of it and thinks he or she is sitting on a fortune, but no one has actually cashed in. My feeling is it's more like the Billy Ripken "F*ck face" error card than it is an Honus Wagner T-206.

Apr 5, 13 10:13 pm

i sold my Works for about $450 maybe 6 or so years ago.  no regrets, baby (and you'll have to take my zumthor a+u from my cold, dead hands)

i agree, just because people list them for $1500 or $2000 doesn't mean anyone actually buys them for that price.  they basically just sit there on the open market, all sellers no buyers.

Apr 6, 13 12:45 am

A couple of copies sold on eBay before Christmas for nearly $1000.  I agree, between the two, the extra edition is better.

Gregory WalkerGregory Walker
Apr 6, 13 10:49 am

won - no idea about what people actually negotiate. one of the issues with the 'Works' book is that, in addition to being collectible to zumthor fans, it's also (apparently) very collectible for fans of helene binet (an artist in her own right). so, two small, niche but rabid audiences looking for the same book. i don't think this one ultimately changes its worth on the secondary market (much), but could very well be wrong. 

new one seems to be a very different animal. it feels, compared to the similar 4 volume HdM set, very affordable. the publisher is the same one behind the therme vals book that came out recently, so i'm really encouraged by the probable production value. zumthor, in an article last year (the best i've ever seen him give btw) waxed poetic about this book -

Nam HendersonNam Henderson
Apr 8, 13 11:04 pm

This project [Peter Zumthor, Zink-Mine-Museum Almannajuvet, Sauda, 2003-in corso/ongoing (Peter Zumthor, Zink-Mine-Museum Almannajuvet, Sauda, 2003-in corso/ongoing (model)] from Greg's interview link looks pretty cool!

Mar 18, 14 11:00 am

Well, it looks like this has finally been published! The cover has been redesigned from what was originally shown (image linked to publisher's website:

Mar 18, 14 11:29 am

grabbed two for $150 a piece when they first announced, hello new car

Apr 4, 14 12:15 am

now 14.11 lbs 800 pages i may have to re-preorder this one

drops may 15 (though they've pushed the available date back many times this past year... )

Chris TeeterChris Teeter
Apr 4, 14 7:20 am

Where can I get a digital copy?

Apr 12, 14 8:29 pm

Well, I received my set today. I may have to resume my search for a reasonably-priced copy of the Works book. I’m not entirely done looking through my set, but the copy I got has some serious quality problems regarding the printing and also ink transfer. I’ve already emailed the publisher and the book store from which it was purchased. It does contain many drawings and several of the projects covered haven’t been published elsewhere, or built, for that matter.

Gregory, you mentioned that the publisher is also the one behind the Therme Vals book. In my opinion, that book is stronger than this set.

Quan Nyen Tran
Apr 13, 14 8:54 am

Amazing architect; poetic in his buildings as well.

Gregory WalkerGregory Walker
Apr 13, 14 12:27 pm

jw - yikes. not what i'd want to hear. i've got another month before it's released here - let's hope they can figure that out quickly. 


yes, it is the same team that did the vals book (author, publisher). and, yes, i'd really hope it hits the same quality marks on this one.

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