Brooklyn dwg/dxf maps!

Mar 7 '05 22 Last Comment
Mar 7, 05 11:10 am


I need a dwg or a dxf map of Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a school project. Does anyone have a clue where to get one (for free). Or has any of you guys a spare!?


Mar 7, 05 6:43 pm

errr, you could simply get the freely available Tiger/Line data from the US census bureau....

be sure to read all of the FAQs and instructions, as these *arent* dxf files but can be imported with any GIS / mapping software and from there exported as DXF.

happy mapping!

Mar 8, 05 8:11 am

Thanx a lot! I'll get right to it.

Mar 9, 05 2:12 pm

i have a cad drawing of the brooklyn coast line (way north of the navy yard to just south of the gawanus canal) it goes about 10 to 15 blocks upland
the only problem is i wouldnt know how to get it to you
any suggestons(mabe you could set up an ftp site)

Mar 10, 05 4:11 am

That would be great! I'm interested in the Williamsburg waterfront and your drawing should cover it. Is it to big to e-mail? My adress at school can take quite large files:
If it doesent work I'll get back to you regarding setting up a ftp site!

Thank u

Mar 11, 05 11:27 am

I Have the whole coast from south of the Gawanus to north of greenpoint, if you still need it let me know.

Mar 14, 05 3:38 am

Hi Sean!

I still need it! can you email the map? If not, please let me know. My adress is:

Mar 31, 12 6:30 am

Hi, I'm Giovanni, a student of Politecnico di Bari (Italy). I need a dwg or a dxf map of Crown Heights, Brooklyn (or of all Brooklyn) for a university project. Can you help me? Are there any sites about this? Thank you


Jan 9, 13 11:11 am

I am also working on a University project in Brooklyn and was wondering if there are any drawing files of the area available. Thank you!

Apr 3, 13 11:28 am

Does anybody can send me the map of Brooklyn in dwg please?

Apr 3, 13 11:28 am
Apr 3, 13 5:20 pm

I am doing a project in Red Hook, can someone send me the cad files you were discussing above?

Apr 4, 13 4:01 am

Nobody is answering dear A.Gann :(

Apr 5, 13 11:40 am

azrack, did they email them to you? If so, could you forward them? Maybe if they are too large of files we can send them via Google Drive.

Jun 14, 14 10:06 am

Hello every body

I'm a french architect student, and I'm working on Brooklyn, and especially on the Eastern parkway. Does any body have DWG plans of it?

Thank you very much.



Jun 23, 14 8:04 pm

What is making Brooklyn so desirable to you guys?

James PettyJames Petty
Jun 27, 14 1:02 pm

export any city map in the world to PDF. 

In Scale.

Open in Illustrator and export to DWG. 

brice lamiribrice lamiri
Oct 12, 14 5:26 am

Hi every one,

I need as well the DWG file of Gowanus, if anyone could send it

to me at it would be great

james petty, I have tried your way but the problem is that the file is not complete 

and not always correct

Thank you all

Jan 21, 15 12:24 pm

Hi everyone,

I am an Architecture as well in the need of a DWG of Brooklyn north of the Williamsburg Bridge, if any could send it to me i would appreciate it

Thank you all 

Non Sequitur
Jan 21, 15 12:55 pm

^ Do you want us to make your bed as well?

Jan 21, 15 1:19 pm

21st century man.  model it in revit.  then make it available to the rest of us.

thanks in advance.

Mar 16, 16 9:55 am

Hello every body

I'm a italian architect student, and I'm working on Brooklyn waterfront, especially the part of Domino Sugar and Navy Yard. Does any body have DWG plans of it?

My email address is:

Thank you

Mar 16, 16 10:15 am

Brooklyn is dead. No one is doing anything in Brooklyn. Jersey City. Head west young padawan.

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