Ian Shaw Architekten

Ian Shaw Architekten

Frankfurt am Main, DE


Haus W

A dynamic interplay of light and shadow defines this well-crafted cuboid.

Externally, the scheme is articulated as a zinc-clad modernist box, set into a traditional pitched roof, atop a standard two-storey house; and internally as a well-proportioned bedroom with an en-suite wet room, connecting with an adjoining stairwell with a lobby and storage area defining its lower level.

The wet room's fully glazed roof exploits the building’s south-facing aspect, as do the skylights above the staircase, resulting in both volumes enjoying changing patterns of light and shade. By contrast, the bedroom’s fully glazed north elevation provides an even source of illumination throughout the day. A slender, full height louvre panel, positioned either side of the full height glazing in the respective side walls, provide natural ventilation.

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Status: Built
Location: Frankfurt am Main, DE
Additional Credits: Photography by Felix Krumbholz


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