Ian Shaw Architekten

Ian Shaw Architekten

Frankfurt am Main, DE


Haus W

This well crafted cuboid generates spectacular light. The development, constructed out of prefabricated high insulation timber panels and energy-efficient glazing, is articulated as a classic modernist box, set into a traditional pitched roof, atop a standard three-storey house. The luminosity within is ethereal, the washroom and stairwell exploiting their south facing aspect through extensive glazing. This creates a dramatic interplay of light and shadow. By contrast, the project’s large north facing window delivers an even source of illumination throughout the day. Two vertical louvre panels provide natural ventilation.

The scheme is accessed from the building’s second level. The use of oak for both the floor and staircase creates a warm, welcoming environment.  Light from above heightens the ambience. The structural clarity of the glass balustrading on the upper level complements the precision and finishing of the roof glazing. Within the main space the ascetic elegance of the white monochrome tiling is juxtaposed with the colour, depth and texture of the solid oak flooring, the bespoke transparent screen providing a seamless interface between the two. Detailing is exacting throughout.

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Status: Built
Location: Frankfurt am Main, DE
Additional Credits: Photography by Felix Krumbholz


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