Ian Shaw Architekten

Ian Shaw Architekten

Frankfurt am Main, DE


12 x 12

This bespoke light fitting illuminates Villa S, a cast in-situ concrete house, in Schriesheim, in southwest Germany.

The building required a lamp that could deliver both internal and external coverage; work within the structural parameters of its cast in-situ concrete ceilings; and be able to complement its exacting, pared-back aesthetic. Existing fittings were researched, but there wasn't any one lamp design that could meet these requirements, hence the development of the villa’s very own luminaire, measuring 12cm x12cm x8cm.

The outer casing is milled from a solid block of aluminium. Internally, the fitting comprises 49 1W LEDs mounted on a platina plate, combined with a highly polished stainless steel reflector and a specially satinized plexi-glass cover. The finished product is a low energy, high performance lamp that delivers an even spread of emitted light. Furthermore, the unit sits perfectly flush when recessed; there is no external mounting or trim, so preserving the ascetic clarity of the concrete ceilings.

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Status: Built
Location: Schriesheim, DE
Additional Credits: All images courtesy of Ian Shaw Architekten BDA RIBA. Photography by Felix Krumbholz.


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