Ian Shaw Architekten

Ian Shaw Architekten

Frankfurt am Main, DE


Beton Schwimmbad

This outdoor swimming pool in Darmstadt is an exercise in tectonic eloquence, a seamless integration of making and thought.

The project’s aim was simple but complex: to eliminate any trace of structural expression in order to maximise the visceral impact of the white cast in-situ concrete. This was achieved using a bespoke steel frame, which encased the shuttering during construction; there is no evidence of shuttering joints or anchor points, just a smooth white surface, articulated within a classic orthogonal form, with the water and atmospheric lighting complementing the concrete's aesthetic clarity.

The flooring specification for the outdoor space and adjoining family room is the same - Italian coquina stone slabs. These generate a warm, cohesive ambience throughout, as well as providing an all-important slip-resistant surface around the edge of the pool. In addition, a fully retractable safety pool cover, accessed from a hidden slot, provides peace of mind.

The connectivity between indoors and outdoors is further articulated by the alignment of the flooring joints and how the respective off-white shades of internal plaster and external render correspond. Both wall treatments harmonise with the colour, depth and texture of the stonework. 

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Status: Built
Additional Credits: All images courtesy of Ian Shaw Architekten. Photography by Felix Krumbholz.


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