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  • Next Discovery - By: D Steckler
    By DAS99: A blog about the many discoveries in life related to architecture.
    Next Discovery
  • ProjectFinance - The State of Development
    By sehrstark: Through this blog, I plan to share my insights about the state of development and construction within different regions inside the U.S, and internationally. This blog will primarily focus on the financial aspects that affect the design and construction businesses.
  • The Kitchen Sink
    By toasteroven: professional practice, sustainability, social justice, urban agriculture, and whatever else that interests me
    The Kitchen Sink
  • The Long Way Around - A [10PointsForYou] blog
    By Anthoney Stephens: This blog kills fascists. My name is Anthoney and I'm a struggling former architecture student [New York Institute of Technology] who was the victim of a "bad year". A few years removed from NYIT I'm now on the outside trying to work my way back into another design field. Who knows what the future holds? I might make it I might not, but I'm young and I still have something to prove.
    The Long Way Around
  • Delirious - Cleveland
    By Richard Rozewski: One part, a take on the built environment of Cleveland, OH. Other part, a venue to post projects that I will use to compile for my M.arch application.
  • This Must Be The Place - Midwest Sensibilities / East Coast Spatialities
    By jacob: A collection of observations on urbanity / design / life in New York City from a guy who probably belongs back in Ohio.

    Thoughts on use of space, the urban fabric, the nature of transportation, the design culture, architecture (old and new), sports, music, and life. Pictures too.
    This Must Be The Place

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