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  • What can an architect learn from traveling and learning languages

    As you already know I am an architect in training. Learning Spanish is not going to ‘directly’ help me in my career. But I can tell you learning Spanish and living in Spain has been a very rewarding experience. It gave me the stamina of not giving up when things get difficult. Being able to speak Spanish gives me access to whole new avenues of authentic friendships, cultures and travels (especially in South America). It gave me valuable life experiences and the best of all – it taught me the world is bigger than the small bubble that I live in. I truly consider myself lucky to be able to travel and I would recommend traveling (especially trips longer than 4 weeks) and language learning to anyone as tools for growing and developing into a better human being- one who is more aware and less ignorant.


    Watch this documentary I made about how I learned Spanish in about 11 weeks. It also features some of the best architecture from Spain.


  • Como un sueño – Video of Calatrava’s Work

    Filmed over two months- ‘Como un sueño’ is an architectural study by me that investigates the work of renowned Spanish/Swiss architect Santiago Calatrava’s in Valencia, Spain. It attempts to show through film, timelapse and hyperlapse photography the following...

  • Burning Man 2013: City, Culture, Art & Architecture

    What is Burning Man I kept hearing about burning man as this week long insane camping event held annually in the deserts of Nevada, USA. The event came highly recommended from those who have been to it so I decided to go this year and check it out myself. It was definitely one of the strangest...

    Burning man 2013

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I am from Canada but currently traveling in Valencia, Spain. I will be traveling to Brazil, Taiwan and South Korea for the entire upcoming year, exploring the architecture and urban planning of major cities in these countries. My blog will focus on comparing architecture in different parts of the world, accompanied by photographs and videos. I would also like to write about how culture influences architecture of these places. Archinect seems like a great place to start and share my ideas!

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