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Currently at the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam. Formerly at the Shenzhen Biennale of Architecture/Urbanism.

  • Public Fiction

    I'm resending this email I just received from Public Fiction for y'all in L.A. to seriously consider.  Loving the idea to bypass NY in such an elegant manner. Wish I was there. It feels odd to post something happening in L.A., coming from L.A. to predominately Angelenos, via NY, from Berlin. But then again, it could get "odder"—no?


    Frieze Projects New York, 

    May 9 - 12, 2014

    In the spring of 1971, Allen Ruppersberg took over a two-story house on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, and converted it into a fully-functioning hotel. For the six weeks that followed, it was a site for hanging out, parties, performances and, of course, for spending the night. The rooms were installations, each one themed, the materials vernacular and the air, casual. 

    Purposefully temporary, the short-lived hotel remained a landmark and legend in LA’s history, highly representative of both Ruppersberg’s work and of the artist-run initiatives in LA’s landscape: laid-back, experiential and with an emphasis on entrepreneurialism.

    In the context of the Frieze Projects tribute series, Ruppersberg — staying in character as hotel manager, proposed a “handoff” to a new generation, resulting in a layered presentation of history with new experience. Public Fiction, both as a concept and a collaborator, represents the takeover of the business and highlights the mythic qualities of the project in LA’s art history.

    And so... with two rooms and a lobby as canvas, Allen Ruppersberg and Public Fiction are re-staging Al’s Grand Hotel (1971) for five days and nights at the fair.

    You can make a reservation, or just reach us at the Hotel, by calling 1.646.578.8471

    For the guests staying the night, we have organized a special selection of movies and videos, a mix of classic film noir and contemporary film/video works by Deanna Erdmann, Dynasty Handbag, Tamara Henderson, Laida Lertxundi, Kelly Nipper, Benjamin Nuel, Laure Prouvost, Sarah Rara, Frances Stark and Kerry Tribe.

    During the day we are open to all visitors for just hanging out.

    See you there?


    Public Fiction 749 N avenue 50 / Los Angeles CA 90042

    (End of quote)

  • As It Lays: The New L.A. Game

    As It Lays is a new board game for interpreting Los Angeles. Players are cast as developers in the sprawling Los Angeles landscape, and must use their cunning to attune the city to a new likeness. Each developer has a selection of properties to build, varying only in terms of density, that they...

  • A biennale that isn't

    Image: LA BIENNALE. Part Freudian slip, part squatter, part as home as it gets. The program banner at Ole Bouman’s Value Factory announcing the L. A. Biennale to be. Shenzhen, February 2014. Video still.A recent trip to Shenzhen to take part in the yet to be founded Los Angeles Biennale, brought...

  • You can tell a book by its cover?

    Here is a little teaser from upcoming book of what happened in Shenzhen and what and who we are.

  • Made in China and maybe everywhere else

    A name scribbled on a cup and thrown into the OMA “exhibition.” This irreverent act on the reverent situation that is a biennale is critical to our LA Biennale– a moment, a message in the bottle of the Shenzhen Biennale.  In this singular exploit, the creative director of...

  • De-Tribalizer in Shenzhen

    In Los Angeles, tribalism among artists and designers and architects and writers is the norm; the standard method of practice is to gather those of like mind and influence and wall off and even censor those of unlike mind and lesser influence. At stake is who gets what seat at what party and who...

  • Global responses to L.A. Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism

    "The Los Angeles Biennale in Shenzhen is an experimentation in creating a nomadic biennale on urbanism, hosted by the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture. It is not possible to holistically represent Los Angeles in Shenzhen, but as a frontier-city, L.A. is constantly growing, seeking and...

  • A brief report from the Value Factory, Shekou, Shenzhen

    Saturday was the full day we have got to work as Ole Bouman, the Creative Director of UABB officially welcomed us and opened the Los Angeles Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism for working sessions.We have selected a public space in the cafeteria to conduct our business, engaging the public...

  • How big is it?

    This question comes up a lot with Los Angeles. Boundaries and expanse break down depending on your psychological and sociological scales of experience -- sometimes this manifest as neighborhoods, sometimes as routes on a freeway map. Coming to Shenzhen, in the vacuumed nave of a former floating...

  • Dede

    Dede is a project which is an open ended short film. In its current research phase it is a composite of multiple thoughts, quotes and stories I reflect upon. This is the story of the immigrant with the American dream combined with the ambiguity of the Los Angeles dreamscape reality.  These...

  • Arrival

    We spent the first day becoming familiar with our work location at the Value Factory, chatting with Ole, and wandering the streets, feasting on some great Chinese halal and local seafood.

  • Plausible reference #2

    In my last post “a plausible reference” I alluded to the idea that the Los Angeles biennale may be a work of fiction that nonetheless offers insights into this city we call home. Here is a second reference that may help to illustrate this premise.With its infectious beat and sardonic...

    Donovan decoding Ice Cube’s “secret” good day in his 1993 hit “Today Was A Good Day”.

  • A plausible reference

    "Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful."  Statistician George E. P. BoxThe difficulties in intervening in Los Angeles stems partly in our inability to grasp or describe all the underlying processes that give the city form. The only thing that is certain is that we need to...

  • Greetings from Los Angeles

    "The Los Angeles Biennale in Shenzhen is an experimentation in creating a nomadic biennale on urbanism, hosted by the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture. It is not possible to holistically represent Los Angeles in Shenzhen, but as a frontier-city, L.A. is constantly growing...

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