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    Architrave 17 - Orientation

    By jpeel
    Apr 26, '10 4:50 PM EST

    Aaron's comment reminded me that I should mention...

    From Drop Box

    ... the new Architrave is out. Come and get it!


    • archrise

      I want one (alum) shipping to NY?

      Apr 26, 10 7:40 pm

      You bet. Just send Rudy Dieudonne [] or Axelle Zemouli [] an email letting them know your address. They were the editors-in-chief this issue and I am sure they would be happy to pass an issue along.


      Apr 26, 10 8:08 pm

      Awesome. Thanks!

      Apr 26, 10 8:17 pm

      wow, can't believe it's at 17 already!

      May 11, 10 4:36 pm

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