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    thesis update

    copper_top May 22 '09 7

    First off, congratulations to all the bloggers who have graduated already---I'm incredibly jealous!!! I don't graduate until June 11th, so I'm in the middle of thesis crunch right now. I have to have my book designed by next wednesday to get it to the printer, so I'm about to hibernate for the weekend while I finish it. BUT, I got into the photo booth today because I needed a few shots of things, so I thought I'd post them for you. Bits of my thesis so far...







    • Steven WardSteven Ward
      May 22, 09 8:13 am

      what are the cool flurescent bike wheels for? can't wait to see!

      loved the descriptions of the map and its markers and things - can't remember where that was: flickr, facebook. i want a map with markers...

      Steven WardSteven Ward
      May 22, 09 8:13 am


      May 22, 09 12:09 pm

      they are for material sample, exhibit, and photography purposes. That's all I'm going to say for another, oh, ten days or so. :)

      May 22, 09 12:21 pm

      oh man can't wait to see the finished product. i think i know what it's going to be, based on your earlier posts! hey erin, will you still be in seattle in sept, or is that up in the air?

      May 23, 09 3:40 am

      Goodluck with your thesis.

      May 23, 09 12:25 pm

      manta, it's all up in the air. Actually, if you know of any of your best graphics/wayfinding consultants that are looking for people, let me know and I could be in Chicago by then!

      May 24, 09 4:33 pm

      Lookin Grand! As you scream into the final week! Best to you Erin.

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