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    The fruits of Christmas labour

    Chris Hildrey Jan 2 '09 5

    With the convivialities over, work looms once again on the horizon. Very close on the horizon as it happens - I've just fiished a model and now I'm off to get a train to London to see my tutors. Would you believe me if I told you I was celebrating on the inside?

    It's not that I'm not looking forward to getting back to work (did I ever leave?) but just that I'm going to miss home...the warm fire, the company of old friends, the free food. It's always a good time to take stock and see the big picture (of the project as well as re-entering the living world for a fleeting moment). However, for all the looking at big pictures I actually spent most of my time squniting at my tiny little prototype for part of an urban intervention I'm proposing. It really is fiddly (the whole thing is 128mm long from head to toe). I had what I can only descirbe as a 'something-about-mary moment' yesterday when I lost a drop of superglue somewhere and couldn't find it. All I know is that it isn't on my ear or in my hair.

    I'll probably post the images of what it is in context once they're actually done, but for now quick snaps will have to suffice as I need to catch my train.

    Basically, it's a very small thing that is part of a passive deployment mechanism for a device. Much more info will follow.

    Prototype 1:



    Not sure if the non-UK among us are familiar with a 5 pence piece, but it's the smallest coin we have (Ø18mm). Unfortunately, this was one of the larger hinges.


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