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    Make the Space Exist

    Some of us find inspiration in chocolate... others find it in quotes.

    Thanks to Thomas for sending me this:

    Art is always at its greatest before it reaches perfection. It is in that period when it struggles to assert itself that lies its power. Great art is always vibrant with spirit – vibrant with the joy of a vital idea.

    What we think of today as the perfect job tomorrow we will discard. The completed object, the material manifestation is only a symbol of the creative power that gave it birth. The true reality lies wholly in the spirit—the vibrant power that we call the 'soul of the thing.'

    Never force yourself into anyone else's pattern but do only the things you like best to do until you become their master. Enter into the spirit of creation and produce what's fun. Suddenly you'll awaken to find that yourdesign will be orderly, beautiful, living, and you'll know that you have arrived. Your will have found peace in simple work hat will live—a peace that comes to a blessed few.

    Ralph Twitchell, excerpt from "An Overall Design," speech given at U. of Florida Student AIA chapter, January 13, 1951. Typescript copy from Greg Hall, received from P. Rice.


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