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    Cincinnati's Confrontation with Snow

    stoicrise Feb 6 '07 8

    This is what happens when you combine Midwest drivers with snow.
    If you are at DAAP and in the dungeon, go look outside and see the wonder that is driving during a snow storm.




    • whitllam
      Feb 6, 07 3:35 pm

      Ah, yes...Cincinnati drivers in the snow are always entertaining. It reminds me of this Jim Borgman cartoon in the Enqurer a few years ago:

      Feb 6, 07 3:37 pm

      it's like the l.a. freeway rush hour without the pretty snow...

      Feb 6, 07 4:15 pm

      KROGER'S stock goes up every time the news mentions freezing weather in atlanta.

      Feb 6, 07 4:25 pm

      Seriously, isn't it hilarious? You have to admit, our hills play a big part in the madness. I just came home from Clifton and I spent about 20% of the time in my car in neutral. Yay gravity! It's like commanding a giant sled with a steering wheel.

      PS. Bad things happen at intersections. Remember that!

      Feb 6, 07 5:05 pm

      Yeah, I had to get my computer back from the apple store out in the burbs and came back around 1:30, traversing MLK on the way. It was le suck.

      Feb 7, 07 9:23 pm

      up in oxford where nearly everything is close enough to walk, i did just that. It was REALLY odd having NO ONE on the sidewalks for blocks and blocks.

      Feb 8, 07 9:14 am

      we got 19" earlier in me some snow.

      Sarah Hamilton
      Feb 8, 07 9:18 am

      Thats NOTHING. I live in Dallas, and with just the mention of snow, the mean speed goes to about 15 mph. My morning comute, which normally takes me 45 minutes, took me 2.5 hours a week ago. And EVERY overpass becomes a place where people think its SMART to HIT THEIR BRAKES! AAAAAAA! Good thing I learned to drive in the snow while at Phila. U.

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