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    Japanese Underground Water Detention

    stoicrise Oct 11 '06 4


    • Hasselhoff
      Oct 11, 06 1:14 am

      I want to live in that thing.

      Oct 11, 06 7:21 pm

      the russian tunnels are cool too... i forget the link tho

      Ms Beary
      Oct 11, 06 8:30 pm

      wow neat. thanks for posting the photos

      the righteous fist
      Oct 12, 06 5:49 am

      i actually went to visit this thing on the basis of an archinect post ages ago...thought it was the tokyo subway system and was looking forward to a few gundams.

      don't bother. you drop down three stories and are only allowed to go past three of those concrete pillars and no further, the whole thing is smaller than canary wharf tube station with none of the connections out. on the other hand, it did have some cool mist action.

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