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    Advice for the Young

    stoicrise Oct 15 '06 10


    • Stides
      Oct 15, 06 9:05 pm

      He just doesn't want the competition.

      Oct 15, 06 9:07 pm

      don't wear bow ties and suspenders.

      Oct 15, 06 9:31 pm

      (...hop back into the editing window and add your school name to your entry. Thanks for the link.)

      Oct 15, 06 10:02 pm

      need grid goggles...

      Oct 15, 06 11:17 pm

      well, he's sorta right.

      hmmm...his new strategy seems to be pithy attempts at limiting competitve entry into the market. He used his commencement speech at the sciarc graduation last spring to espouse similar words of encouragement. He offered his son up as an example: something like, "he's a complete idiot, but he's making six figures right out of college doing tax law. I'll never be able to say the same to any of you."

      I'm surprised, a la "House x: the client's response" he didn't say, "don't let your clients publish books slagging the unlivability of your early work. It's a shitty fight from there on out."

      Sir Arthur Braagadocio
      Oct 16, 06 3:55 am

      that's classic Eisenman right there...

      follow the paradox of logic here

      1. the architects who are architects in the true sense of the word as according to Eisenman do not make money even though they are extremely intelligent

      2. do not become an architect unless you want to be an architect in the true sense of the word

      see if you were an architect who sold out to make tons of money and had good lawyers to push the liability somewhere else constantly you would make good money and the business wouldn't be so terrible, but then you wouldn't be an architect in the true sense of the word.


      vado retro
      Oct 16, 06 9:47 am

      i bought a bowtie one time on the advice of GQ magazine. this was in 1983, i spent hours learning how to tie it. i wore it on a date to see "its a wonderful life" at the ryder film series. the ryder shows films in the back of a bar, so you can eat and drink while the movie plays. well, the whole time i was there these frat guys (why were they at the movie?) kept making fun of me and my bowtie. Nothing i could do as i didnt feel like gettin my ass kicked over a bowtie...fucking bowties.

      Oct 16, 06 10:12 am

      Did those frat guys steal your date?

      liberty bell
      Oct 16, 06 10:27 am

      Marlin, did Peter Eisenmann actually call his child "a complete idiot" in a public forum? What an asshole.

      Oct 16, 06 1:57 pm

      lb: pretty much. if not "complete idiot" verbatim, the title was akin to "underachiever", "slacker". additionally, his son was in the audience.

      he likes to reference his son anecdotally with some frequency. In an AA symposium publication, (i think titled something like, "ideas on the city") he talked about the absurdity of his son's DJ hobby, how his son constantly filled his house with cacophonous turntable scratching.

      vado makes me laugh.

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