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    ACAU is over

    dibster Jul 14 '06 0

    ACAU workshop ended yesterday. It has been intense and exciting to say the least. As stated previously, my studio explored the concept of senses in the city. We ended up with a sub-theme of 1 site, 5 senses, 13 stories.

    As the subtitle suggests, we ended up with 13 different manifestations of our reflections of the site. I.E, each one of us created an installation which expresses the senses that we want to focus on in relation to the site. And from there, we curated an exhibition from the 13 installations, recreating an intense sensorial experience within the studio to express our ideas of how the concept of using senses to create a space can be pursued.

    We also compiled a book, documenting our analysis and our installations.We then gave a book to each of the participating universities and might just print more copies for the rest.

    In all, i think it was a success. Too bad i dont have the pics of the installation and the workshop right now but i will provide a link once i get hold of it.


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