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    Alexander Jack Apr 4 '06 5

    Continuing my research on a site entitled Ham Yard in London, I did a simple Google search of "Ham Yard." To my surprise, my archinect school blog was in first place! So your archinect voice pulls more weight then you think...keep posting!



    • WonderK
      Apr 4, 06 9:13 am

      How funny. I wonder how many times we show up when someone does a search for Brad Pitt.....

      Apr 4, 06 5:22 pm

      imagine the melt down if someone searched for fancy graphics lovers.

      vado retro
      Apr 4, 06 9:30 pm

      vado retro comes up quite a bit. when googling vado retro images every jpg i have done is there including this one...

      sporadic supernova
      Apr 5, 06 12:12 am

      yea ... so most hits for vado then ..??

      Ms Beary
      Apr 5, 06 11:38 pm

      I found this when I googled vado retro.
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