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    Susudio Fun

    Alexander Jack Dec 3 '06 15

    Just like everyone else, we're about 1 week out from the end of the semester, and needed a break from our projects. Therefore decided to invent Susudio.

    Susudio (our name, not the students) is a terminal project from a student last year. The model has been adjacent to my desk since the begging of the semester and I noticed when people would converse around my desk, they would start to pick at and break the model just as someone doodles when talking on the phone.

    To fulfill our appetite for destruction(thank you G'n'R) we started to destruct the model and rearrange the components. The process was extremely liberating. Other students would simply rearrange the components and after each rendition take a picture. Heres's some of the photos of the break from terminal projects.
    Beginning of semester
    Erosion from the semester
    Animated Destruction




    • treekiller
      Dec 3, 06 4:19 pm

      wow- your project looks like a mashup between robert venturi and lebbeus woods.

      Dec 3, 06 5:34 pm

      ha ha ha, awesome! that poor schmuck is gonna look and here some day and be like "WHAT DID THEY DO TO MY BAAAABY???"

      that said, what a hideous project to begin with.

      Dec 3, 06 6:10 pm
      "wow- your project looks like a mashup between robert venturi and lebbeus woods."

      plus coop himmelblau and phil collins
      Dec 3, 06 6:31 pm

      I already patented Susudio for all uses in the studio culture. Pay up!

      Alexander Jack
      Dec 3, 06 7:44 pm

      The destruction of the student's project was all in good fun. We had permission to throw it from top of Architecture College, but we decided to be a little more tactful.

      Susudio evolved from the movie American Psycho, or at least in our studio- "This is Susudio, great song, a personal favorite....You can practically hear every nuance of every instrument."

      vado retro
      Dec 3, 06 8:33 pm

      that phil collins song is too awful for me to even look for on youtube.

      David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
      Dec 4, 06 12:04 am

      am I the only one concerned with potential architects making disjuncture without explanation...seems awfully random like its trying to be something. Maybe I've had too much wine and am reading too much into it - g'night

      Alexander Jack
      Dec 4, 06 12:55 am

      architechnophilia- it is completely random. It's not a studio project for a grade, its just a little fun we had in studio dismantling an alumni's past project that was set to be scraped. No seriousness to it, just passing the time in studio with a little humor and classmate interaction.

      Chili Davis
      Dec 4, 06 8:56 am

      What a terrific example of 13th century european castle architecture.

      Sir Arthur Braagadocio
      Dec 4, 06 12:18 pm

      is that deconstruction architecture?

      Dec 4, 06 4:19 pm

      make faux boards for it and place it at the end of the final crit lineup of projects. Juries salivate when potentially given the opportunity to rip a project like this apart-until they realize they've been duped.

      Dec 4, 06 6:38 pm

      There was one on those models in my studio once. I kicked it until it made a boom boom sound.

      liberty bell
      Dec 4, 06 10:22 pm

      By now it's like a studio pet. You guys will be sad to have to throw it away when semester ends!

      Dec 4, 06 11:54 pm

      any idea how the original owner of that model faired in his review?

      Alexander Jack
      Dec 5, 06 12:05 am

      Good comments all.
      -cvankle...I believe the original model was made in only a couple of days. I don't have any idea how it stood up in the final review, but he did graduate from the MArch program; maybe that could be a testament to the rest of the project we can't see.

      -liberty bell...ah yes, we dread the day when we have to pitch Susudio...but i'm sure how it goes out (hail of bullets, fire, car accident) will be a future archinect post.

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