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    20 days

    Josh Russell Apr 23 '05 5

    there are 20 days until i leave the country for the summer. may 13th - june 1st i am traveling around europe by rail. june 1st to july 31st i will be in rome. that's all i can think about with less than a week until my final review.

    i'm not too pleased with my work this semester. i spent too much time trying to come up w/ different schemes and then throwing them in the garbage.

    a couple weeks ago we had a review. two days before, i started over for the millionth time. the review went well. so i decided to stick with it. i just wish i had the whole semester to develop it and detail the crap out of it.

    viva roma.


    test elevation done today. (max, autocad, photoshop)


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