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    Josh Russell Nov 15 '04 4

    i went to sioux city, iowa on friday to visit our site for the sioux city history museum. it wasn't all that interesting and was fairly straightforward. what was interesting however was the physical evidence of the decay of the city.









    • matr
      Nov 15, 04 2:16 pm

      rad photos - that's some handsome decay - esp the nut & bolt, second from the top.

      liberty bell
      Nov 17, 04 10:13 pm

      WHAT is that space with the tumbleweeds in it?!?

      I find tremendous beauty in age and the discreet process of decay that specific materials go through, but the older I get the more pictures like that one just depress me. It seems like there's too much mess in the world to clean up. A visit to the Bethlehem Steel Works, while sublime, also just made me cry.

      Josh Russell
      Nov 28, 04 4:39 pm

      the place with the tumbleweeds : Sioux City Stockyards. it's where the cattle were taken off the train cars and processed into delicious steak. it was in use from around 1900-1980. very strange space. still piles of manure. papers all over the place as well.

      Ms Beary
      Nov 30, 04 4:03 pm

      so how's the project going? was hoping to see some stuff. I understand if you're busy...

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