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    Spring 2005 Studio Project

    Josh Russell Jan 15 '05 0

    Brisbane, California

    "This studio will examine the relationship between architecture and its defining technological issues - assembly, structure, and environmental performance. Rather than seeing building technology as consumptive, we will adopt the more enlightened paradigm of using building science in terms of performance. The program selected, a regional gliderport, exemplifies a subtle, carefully thought out and rigorous approach to such technical issues as materials, construction, climate, and structure."

    "This studio's exploration is intended to exercise your ability to integrate diverse objective and technical requirements into coherent designs. Therefore, the studio will demand well-disciplined work and stringent standards for attendance, presentation, and process. Your work should be conceptually rigorous and technically fluent, a difficult goal involving integration and iteration in addition to inspiration and rhetoric."

    Instructor: Tom Leslie, AIA


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