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    What Music Is Playing In Your Studio?

    Jason King Feb 11 '05 5

    I'm finishing up the 2nd project. I will post details about this one and pictures of the last one as soon as I have them.


    Right now Wilco is playing in our studio, out of my laptop. You?



    • Josh Russell
      Feb 11, 05 3:07 am

      ambulance ltd. out of my 3 hour old 12" powerbook

      Feb 11, 05 3:56 am

      Oscillations of Drexciya, Autechre, DJ Krush, Ulrich Schnauss and KMD tend to dominate my bay! But that's because I often work late alone. If it's up to anyone else, we're subjected to horrendous commercial radio from Liverpool, or other various wackness. Dire Straits also crop up unnaturally often, drifting over from the second years' bays. That's just wrong.

      Darren Hodgson
      Feb 11, 05 4:06 am

      Athlete - Tourist stole my brother's CD. Wires - great song.

      Feb 11, 05 8:23 pm

      Mates of State...followed by the Garden State Soundtrack...oo what a night I have ahead of me

      david basulto
      Feb 14, 05 8:18 pm

      why no arch listen to like... country, salsa, any music not rock-alternative-punk-indie-electronic, etc ?

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