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    Que Serra Serra [sic] and an Overuse of Latin Abbr.

    Jason King Jan 24 '05 1

    I am still getting settled back into Studio. I think that most of my peers are in the same state of mind; Studio has been a ghost town.

    It's time to shift gears though. 1st project is due in a week. A quick rundown of the coming semester:

    We each chose randomly a "Hexagram" and its "Attribute" from the I Ching. This will be our program for each of our five projects. We will be rotating an element for each project also. The elements are metal, earth, water, fire, wood. Also. We have a list of "Mentors" i.e. a list of artists, architects, sculptors et. al. In our design there must be elements of our mentors work, abstractly or non. Anyway, the first site is underground. (The others will be span, suspended, level, and elevated)

    So my Hexagram is "Progress". My attribute is "Purification". My element is metal. My mentor is Richard Serra. And my site is underground.

    Tomorrow is our second review and I still need to draw plans and sections. I have been in the Shop all night bending plexi over a heat gun to create the walls of my space.

    I will try to update this website daily or every other day, and as soon as I replace my digital camera (lost on another continent) I will post some photos.

    Cheers. Nice to meet you.


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