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    Ah, to draft in Studio or to Draft at home?

    Tom Denney Jan 31 '05 5

    I've been drafting at home now for 2 weeks since the semester started. I really havn't decided if I like it or not. It's convienent, that's for sure. How many of you out there that are still hand-drafting in school have spent time drafting at home as well as in studio? What's your feelings on it?



    • MADianito
      Jan 31, 05 6:23 am

      i preffer home...i have plenty of food and dont get distracted talking to the people in the studio.... mmhh but yeah, just remeber to turn off any instant messaging system...

      david basulto
      Jan 31, 05 1:34 pm

      well, working at home is nice during day, but studio works better for me during nights so i dont fall asleep :)

      Jan 31, 05 10:52 pm

      Who is your studio critic over there at IIT? Anyone interesting? What kind of projects do you guys do there?

      Feb 8, 05 1:43 am

      Get used to living at crown, put away a couch under the stairs at lower core to hunker down for all nighter galore. I graduated a little while ago from IIT. I would advise you spend as much time working at Crown as possible. You may think I'm crazy but take advantage of having such a great building to work and learn in. You'll learn more being there working amond your peers. Plus research shows you tend to work better with others working around you also. I don't know about the research but I tend to kick ass and get inspired to work all night seeing others busting their ass as much as me too. Just my two cents.

      Feb 15, 05 6:13 pm

      Anonymous, you are so right that it hurts!!

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