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    002-Construction and Destruction

    jpemery Sep 1 '04 3

    Our construction documents course will be realizing between 25-50 pages of documentation (per group of 5) for a building on the site shown below. We studied the existing conditions in 105 degree heat for a couple of hours. The existing brick wall shown will require extensive documentation in order to realize an effective rehabilitation. More later on that project.


    In addition, we learned the meaning of John Folan's teaching when he told us all to redo the Salk institute analysis exercise. My last post showed my version of that exercise. IMHO the new one I've done (below) is worse. How can we do better on the same assignment with less than half the time of our first attempt? Oh well.




    • duke19_98
      Sep 4, 04 12:58 am

      Your images give me an idea for my structural diagram. Thanks for the inspiration. What program are you using, and what's up with the jacked up perspective on the first one?

      Sep 4, 04 2:52 am


      sketchup for the second one, illustrator for the 1st. Jacked up because Its a piece together of photos.


      Sep 4, 04 2:15 pm

      Cool, thanks jp.

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