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  • Can you weave chipboard?

    We were encouraged to study fabrics and their relationship to architecture. So using digital fabrication methods, we devised a way to create a fabric that could be draped over objects. We modeled the fabric in Maya and laser cut the pieces. My partner (see in pic) and I spent 7 hours weaving the “fabric”. We presented our fabric today and were lead to study Gaudi models using tension strings to hang the model in its final position, so stay tuned for pics.

    As for studio, we had a site visit for the Eden Pavilion, which will be our semester project. At this current time studio has been all about mapping, we have been mapping the Salk, fog , and now our current site.

    Site (downtown Tucson)

  • Greetings from Tucson

    I will start off this blog by introducing the University of Arizona College of Architecture. 4th year studio 9.15.06 mapping review Renzo detail model from collegues Ando model of Japanese Pavillion from collegues

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